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AAA amazing t-shirts for the Millennium Surfing Computers Sci-fi Humorous Custom t-shirts

Choose from over 600 Designs......
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We are only offering Check or Money Order for ordering t-shirts at this time. Sorry for the lack of credit card ordering.

Wholesale T-shirts are available for
Retail Storefronts. Attention: surfshops,
skateshops and Action Sports Retailers.
We've been making extremely durable
t-shirts (only white & ash) since '97. We use Resin Inks for Vivid Color and Durability. These photo t-shirts have been selling in surfshops using their company Logos on the Front and a Photo on the back. Many shots that we have are available. And also we can use your photos. Our Graphic Design Studio is
"Second to None".

Complete Design work can be had at
Big D Design. From Website Design,
Custom Photo T-shirt Design, and creating a whole new look for your Company can be had. Embroidery is available for Wholesalers. Call for more Info on Embroidery from our Company.

Big D Design has a large Research and Development Division. This department is always looking into new Design Technology. And more times than not,
We are implementing them immediately.

Professional Color Photo Proofs are available in sizes up to 13"x19".

Brochures, Posters, Business Cards and many more items are available form Big D Design. We send out all our jobs to the most respected printing company in the USA. 300 line screen & Aqueous Coating is standard on all our print jobs.
If you want it done right.......
Look no further than Big D Design.

Thanks for Listening.

• Full Color Photo t-shirts •
• 100% Ring Spun Cotton •
• t-shirt • tank top •
longsleeve crew • mock

When looking for a Website Design, Print Design like no other, Look to Big D Design to create Unique Designs for all Media at a rate of $50/hr, We are an Independant Company that builds "Business from the Ground Up", Big D Design can create Custom Designs on T-shirts, Websites, Print all at what your Company's Budget will allow, Websites in Motion ......
custom t-shirts, photo t-shirts, imprinted t-shirts
custom t-shirts, photo t-shirts, imprinted t-shirts
Website Design ........ with the ability to get you to the top of the Search Engines, Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, MSN, Streaming Video using Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime ..... Flash Animation, Music Content Creation with all Original Music and Soundtracks, Cutting Edge Graphic Design, all Websites are built from scratch ....... Big D Design Website Development
Big D Design offers e-commerce solutions for Online Store Creation using, Miva Merchant 4.12, JAC software (Just Add Commerce), 4 years experience, Product Photography is available, depending on your location, Complete setup of Online Shopping Systems, Verisign SSL, Nova Information Systems banking, Cybercash (now Verisign) Order Processing, Miva Merchant Training, for setting up Administration privledges to your Workforce, Big D Design, E-Commerce Specialists .....
"Welcome to the Future"
Custom Streaming Web Solutions, using Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, offering Custom Designs that put Video into Custom Viewers, Big D Design can shoot the Digital Video, or you can supply Video in these popular Formats, Digital Video, VHS, S-VHS, Mpeg 1, Mpeg 2, AVI, sorry no Digital 8, Hi-8, unless Cleint supplies Camera to Big D Design .....
Big D Design offers Multi-Track Recordings of "Original Music' for the World Wide Web, Scoring of Movie Sountracks, using Vegas Video, Acid Pro, Cubase VST, Immense Music & Special Effects Library, 4 years experience in Music Content Creation, Big D Design, Welcome to the Future ......
Big D Design has 5 years Flash Animaton experience, totaling over 3,000 hours, We are not the "Best" out there, but with most Clients Budget constraints, Big D Design offers the Flash you want at a "Good Price", Those with large budgets for Flash Animation, can get the "Brass Ring", Flash is very time consuming, please keep this in mind when requesting Flash Movies, a typical "Top Flash Design" can run you into the thousands, enough said ..... this statement comes from the Big D himself ........
3-D Animations, 3-D Landscape Designs, Virtual Worlds, 3-D Modeling, 5 years experience using Bryce & many other 3-D programs, Big D Design has a Large Texture Library to Create almost anything Clients can think of, Check out the Sci-Fi in the Photo T-shirt Section for some of the "Big D's" work with 3-D Design, this work is over 3 years old, and many new Designs can be seen in the Big D Design Portfolio, Thanks
Go to the Website Portfolio to see what Big D Design has been doing lately with Website Development, All very different Designs and hitting their Target Market Successfully, be sure to check out the Virtual Tours at, over 1,000 Virtual Tours up on the Arthur Rue Agency Website, also check out the Feet First Website, one of our Flagships, all product photography shot by Big D Design, the Portfolio is where you will see most of our latest work, we're here to please our Clients, and get you noticed, Cutting Edge Designs and Multimedia Productions, Big D Design .....
Enter thru the Front Door and you will see some of Big D Designs work from 1999, it's old but still worth a look, Big D Design is so busy building Websites for other Clients, that we ahven't had much time to Update Ours, this may change soon though, Big D Design has to "Look Good" too!!!, Come back soon to see if we got anywhere, if you love Surfing, check out the over 300 Surfing T-shirts that are available from 5 Professional Photographers, Sci-Fi is also a love of the "Big D" and taking a look at the Sci-Fi T-shirt Section will give you "Goose Bumps", most of the Sci-Fi Worlds were created from 1997 to 1999, a must see .....
surfing t-shirts, sci-fi t-shirts, humorous t-shirts, computer t-shirts, custom t-shirts, custom photo t-shirts, photo t-shirts, beach t-shirts, lighthouse t-shirts, t-shirts, hanes beefy-t, hanes beefy t

• Real Player •
• Windows Media Player •
• Quicktime • Mpeg 2 •

• Multi-Track Recording •
• Original Soundtracks •
• Any type of Music created •

With over 600 T-shirt Designs, Surfing T-shirts, Sci-Fi T-shirts, Computer T-shirts, Humorous T-shirts, Animal T-shirts, and we offer Custom T-shirts using your Media or Design, and we can Design Custom T-shirts for you as well, Over 150,000 sold, all over the World, we are Masters of getting "You" looking good, and very Professional, all Types of Custom T-shirts can come in 4 different styles, T-shirt, Tank Top, Longsleeve Crew, Longsleeve Mock, we hope you like White T-shirts using Hanes Beefy-T, Ring Spun Cotton, More Styles are available for Retailers, at Wholesale Prices, we also do large Orders for Events & Occasions, Photo T-shirts are Done using Resin Inks, and are very Durable, no Inkjets here, Thanks ...
Professional Website Design with over 20,000 hours experience, Big D Design manages over 44,000 Web Pages at this time, Website Updates are "On-Time", We build a working relationship with your Company & keep you looking the "Best" you can be, Extreme Coding Ability has enable Us to get you seen in the Search Engine Listings, Professional Mailing Lists, Form Creation, Tracking Systems, 2 Tpes of E-Commerce Online Stores are Available, Miva Merchant, JAC (Just Add Commerce), Most Services are $50/hr, except Online Store Setup $100/hr (typically 6hrs for Miva Merchant), oe 4hrs of JAC (Just Add Commerce), Custom Graphics are built from Scratch using  every Professional piece of Graphic Software available, 20 years experience with Mechanical Drawing, Map Making, Product Design, Big D Design ....

Websites can be developed in a very short amount of time. If you don't have the marketing ability to engage into the Internet with your business, we can help you "look professional". And if you want all the frills...If you're looking to rank your website in Google better, then I recommend this SEO Expert. Click here to get a free SEO Analysis.....Big D Design has the track record and the experience to bring you to the top of the listings in your target market. We can go as far as your budget allows. Big D Design has the full capabilities of most Ad Agencys out of the "Big Cities". From Print to Website Design to Advertising, we can bring a new look (or retain your current business model) to your Company. Give us a call to discuss your interest in Big D Design. All large publication jobs (catalogs, brochures, DVD & VHS packaging) are completed by one of the finest print companies in the USA. 300 line screen with Aqueous Coating. Absolutely stunning Color and Detail. Big D Design has quite a bit of experience Coding Pages for the Internet.
With 25,000 hours of
Website Design
under our
belts combined, we
are waiting
to serve you. A
relationship is key to
our success.
Digital Video and
Photography is a
major factor with
High-Speed Internet
connections of
Today's World.

Thanks for Listening

3-D Animation is a GIF animation created using Bryce 4 and Macromedia Fireworks, Animations in 3-D can be created also using Real Player, Quicktime, Flash, Originals are 8mb per from in Bitmap Form, Futuristic Worlds are our Forte ....
Miva Merchant, with Training to have Multiple Administration Priviliges and getting you adding the Products and Udating the Online Store, JAC (Just Add Commerce) software, for Complete Control of the Look of the Shopping Cart Webpages using "Fast Loading" HTML Webpages and not using Slower Database Online Stores, Updating pages are more difficult though, usally requires a Web Developer to add more Products, but these Shopping Cart Pages load so "Fast", it outweighs the Adding New Product Issues, Miva Merchant is the leading Online Store Software for setting up Very Large Online Stores, chosen by Dell Computers as their Online Store Software for their Web Hosting Service, did we mention that we can do this cheaper?, Big D Design creates the "look" that is necessary in this Competitive E-Commerece Arena ......
Professional Cutting Edge Website Design, offering Unique Designs for Business, Forms Creation, Website Tracking Systems, All Webpages Coded to get You to "the Top" of the Search Engine Listings, Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, AOL Search, Updates to Webpages are always "On Time", Big D Design, Welcome to the Future .....

• Miva • JAC •
• product photography •
• 7 years experience•

Arthur Rue Agency located in Seaside Park, NJ. has over 1,400 pages of the Jersey Shore, Over 1,000 Virtual Tours, a "must see" ......
Feet First has the largest selection of Footwear & "Hip" Clothing in the Metropolitan Area (New York), and has 9 Retail Stores all over New Jersey, all products have been Shot Professionally by Big D Design, there is a large Music Section, this site competes will the "Best out Threre". a must see ......
Down the Shore Gifts is an Online Store based in Seaside Heights, NJ., Big D Design used JAC (Just Add Commerce) Merchant Software to have the "Full Control" that Clients require over the Total Look of the Shopping Cart pages, listed at the Top of the Search Engines, all products have been shot Professionally by Big D Design, a must see .....

• 38 websites submitted for your approval •


Go into the Front Door to see more Wild Type animations and Navigation Panels, this work is almost 3 years old & the "Big D" wishes that there was more time to Update these areas, but our Clients come 1st, so go to the Portfolio to see our latest work, Thanks .....

If you see animation, go in the Front Door

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Ray Hallgreen is a Professional Photographer located in Seaside Park, NJ., regarded as one of the best in the Jersey Shore Area
Ken Klos is a Professional Photographer who owns Inlet-Outlet Surf Shop in Manasquan, NJ., a World Traveler, he gets shots that leave Us gaping, very Good Guy and a Great Photographer, be sure to check out his Photo T-shirt Gallery .......
David Macri is a Professional Photographer from Saint Augustine, Fl., he owns Blue Sky Surfshop in St. Augustine with his Wife Nancy, he is a World Traveler and is always getting shots that have more to it than the eye can see, definitely check out his Photo T-shirt Collection & if you're in St. Augustine check out the Blue Sky Surfshop, they have every Surfing Goodie under the Sun ......